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Welcome to the Language Teaching and Learning Research Unit at the University of Vienna!

Language Teaching and Learning Research connects.


Language Teaching and Learning Research at the University of Vienna is a unit that belongs to the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies (Department of Linguistics) and the Centre for Teacher Education.

We understand language teaching and learning research as a scientific study of the complex processes underlying the learning and teaching of languages, as well as the range of factors that have influence on it.

Language teaching and learning research brings together different sciences (e.g. Applied Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Subject-Specific Didactics and Language Policy) and deals with a variety of different topics all related to the learning and teaching of languages and multilingualism.

We carry out projects on some of these issues, in the future we would like to develop many more (cooperatively). In the area of teaching, the cross-lingual offer complements the language-specific courses at the institutes.



AILA-Europe Junior Researcher Meeting in Applied Linguistics

The 9th Junior Researcher Meeting of AILA-Europe will take place at the University of Vienna on September 6-8, 2017. All information can be found on the conference homepage.



New Publication: E-Tandems in Foreign Language Education in Schools

Over a period of two years, pupils of the VBS Hamerlingplatz formed E-Tandem groups with learners in France and Colombia in the framework of the Sparkling Science project FAME. The aim of this project was to promote motivation and autonomy of learners through the creation of real communication situations.

In October 2016, this book was presented as a final step in the project.

Besides contributions of the academic project team, the volume also contains experience reports of the participating pupils, which present their point of view.

Renner, Julia/ Fink, Ilona Elisabeth/ Volgger, Marie-Luise (Hrsg.) (2016): "E-Tandems im schulischen Fremdsprachenunterricht". Wien: Löcker Verlag.


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